North Face Trail, Murren Switzerland

Day 3 of our time in Switzerland was filled with lots and lots of hiking! With the leftover snow on the ground from the night before it was seriously so breathtaking. To read more about our first couple days in Switzerland, click here. I look back on these pictures now, and I just keep saying, was that real life?! I didn't want to take my DSLR with me for fear of dropping it (ha knowing how clumsy I am + mixed with frozen ground I figured that was best), so enjoy a few IPhone and GoPro images from the North Face Trail. At the end we made it to Sprutz waterfall which was seriously incredible. 

After we finished the hike we went back to the Sports Complex in Murren to soak our tired feet in an outdoor hot tub!! It was the perfect ending to the best day. Up next is hands down my favorite day is Switzerland!!