Kierspe, Germany & Cologne, Germany

Hey guys! I can't wait to share all the fun memories from our trip to Europe a few weeks ago. We started off our European road trip through 3 different countries (well really, 4 countries, if you count Liechtenstein) by flying into Cologne, Germany and renting a car to travel to a tiny farm town named Kierspe. Going to the town that shares our last name has been on Chase's bucket list forever and it was SO FUN to knock that off!! We had to travel on the autobahn to get there which was an experience all in itself, but once we made it to Kierspe we quickly realized that there wasn't a whole lot here other than the Kierspe family crest and some cool road signs that said Kierspe! Haha but it sure was fun to walk around and explore the small downtown area, meet some locals and watch them laugh at us as they attempt to decipher our terrible German. 

Above is Chase with a statue of the Kierspe family crest with the raven!!

Then we found the Kierspe signs & obviously had to pull off to the side of the road and set up the tripod. I'm sure Kierpse residents thought we were crazy, but it was so much fun!! After that we shopped at our first local grocery store (with my google translate app out at all times ha) and got snacks for the drive back to Cologne where we stopped for dinner before heading to Cochem, Germany later that night. It was a little bit of a crazy first day!! Here are some of my favs from our short stop in Cologne including the largest cathedral in Germany and the Fisch Markt. 

Love, Annabeth.jpg

That was our whirlwind day 1!! I'll be sharing more from our time in Cochem & the Burg Eltz Castle next :)