Burg Eltz Castle // Germany

To say all of my medieval castle finding dreams came true once we visited the Burg Eltz, an over 850-year-old intact castle just outside of Cochem, Germany, would be an understatement. Somehow since 1157 AD, this castle has remained untouched by wars (including WWII) and stayed within the same family for over 800 years!! CRAZINESS! Surrounded by forests that feel enchanted, and far away from any major city or roads, it is the real deal. I only wish I could show you pictures of the inside (photography wasn't allowed on the tour.) so you could see the grandeur and how crazy it was that everything was still intact. Chase and I hiked down the hill to see this glorious view of the Burg Eltz peeking through the trees. I definitely squealed multiple times just wondering how this place even existed still! Here are a few of my favorites. 

After our tour of the inside of the castle, we ate lunch there and tried our first Radler, beer mixed with carbonated lemon soda (so YUMMY!). We then hiked back up to our rental car headed back to Cochem. On the way back, it was obviously necessary to stop and stare at the endless fields of yellow flowers that were in full bloom!! 

Up next I can't wait to show you downtown Cochem :)