Switzerland//Schilthorn & Summit High Breakfast

Our last day in Switzerland was jammed packed, because we were waiting for the perfect day (clear and sunny) to go to the Schilthorn viewing point. We woke up so early to go see the best view of the alps from the Schilthorn summit. Which included taking a cable car straight up the mountain side, which is not for the faint at heart. The summit has a panoramic view of the  JungfrauMönch, &  Eiger peaks of the Alps.  While up there we got to experience at buffet breakfast at Piz Gloria, one of the world's highest revolving restaurants. It was crazy because your view was constantly changing, because we were constantly moving! It was such a fun experience. Did I mention that a James Bond Museum was there because on of the Bond movies was filmed there? Such a fun experience! Here are some of my favorite pics below! 

After we made it back down the mountain, we ended up making a last minute decision that was our favorite part of the trip. (it may or may not have involved flying over the swiss alps) Cannot wait to tell you about that in the next post! 

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