Day 5 San Gimignano, Italy

San Gimignano Day 5

Before going on our trip I asked a lot of people advice on where to go while in Italy. I had so many people tell me to check out San Gimignano as a day trip from Florence. So after doing some research we thought it might be a really fun trip to see a little bit of the Italian wine country (which we unfortunately couldn't fit into this trip but gives us an amazing excuse to come back) and it definitely didn't disappoint . 

San Gimignano is know as "the city of beautiful towers" and is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Sienna, Tuscany. It is completely encircled by three walls and has main gates that you walk into! It truly was an old castle with towers on a hill with an incredible view. We explored the city and its gorgeous views, quaint (extremely touristy) shops, and then enjoyed some gelati before heading back by bus to Florence! 

Go Pro selfie of us when we first arrived!! 

Go Pro selfie of us when we first arrived!! 

We made it back in time to grab dinner and watch the sunset at the Piazza de Michael Angelo that overlooked the entire city of Florence! So much beauty. 

See you in Rome soon!!