Bayshore Blvd Proposal// Marshall & Hillary

OH.MY.SWEETNESS!! When Marshall asked me if I would photograph when he proposed to Hillary I was so excited. Proposals are just the best and I love being a fly on the wall capturing the moments as they unfold with true raw & real emotion. We met Marshall and Hillary at Grace Family Church and have loved getting to know them and are so excited for their future together <3 Yay for more married friends :)

Marshall wanted to propose on Bayshore Blvd, on the same exact bench that Hillary and he had shared their first kiss. 30 minutes before they arrived, Chase and I went to scope out the spot and make sure no one was sitting on the bench, because Bayshore is a popular location. So we brought the rose petals to scatter at his request and we were trying to figure out how we were going to pull this off so Hillary wouldn't see us. Thank goodness for zoom lenses and a sweet husband that let me shoot over his shoulder so that we wouldn't be seen! 

When Chase got the text from Marshall that they had just parked we quickly through the rose petals & started walking the opposite direction from where they were coming from! HIllary was so surprise and it was just the happiest moment!! Also, her ring is GORGEOUS! Here are a few of my favorite images. We are so happy for y'all!! 


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Hayden and Shannon {Secret Proposal}

I absolutely love capturing proposals! There is nothing posed about them, just pure, raw unfiltered emotions. I just can't help but squeal with excitement every time, because this is the beginning of a couple's beautiful future. It is an honor to me to capture moments that can be passed down from generation to generation.
I met Shannon shortly after moving down to Tampa. I've quickly come to treasure our walks along bayshore, hanging out at church events, and our maybe too frequent Chipotle dates :). I remember when Shannon and I first starting hanging out that she mentioned she was dating a really sweet guy named Hayden and they were getting pretty "serious". So I was really excited  when he contacted me about a month ago asking to help him plan how to surprise Shannon with a (stunning, might I add) engagement ring! So Hayden hatched a plan, and I followed along nervously thinking that I was going to mess something up (because I am terrible at surprises) . I told Shannon that I really needed her help photographing a kindergartener's birthday party around noon and begged her to come with me. I got her in the car with my spare camera for her to use, and headed to Curtis Hixon Park where Hayden was waiting. Once we got there I finally told her that we weren't there to photograph a birthday party and handed her a hand written note from Hayden. Now I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story...
P.S.- It's a really happy ending :)