Cypress Point Park & Ybor City Senior Session // Sydney Burns

WOWOWOW!! Sydney is seriously such a stunner!! I am so honored to have her on my team as an ABKP Senior Spokesmodel this year. We found the coolest field and also some really fun backdrops in Ybor City! I asked Sydney some questions to help you get to know her more! See her answers and her gorgeous images below: 

What High School do you attend?: HB Plant High School

What is your dream college?!: University of North Carolina

Tell me about yourself: :) What are you passionate about? What are you most excited for about senior year?: Hi, I'm Sydney! While most people find their passion in sports or scrapbooking, I find my passion in something a little different... people. I love any opportunity I have to work with, be around, or help people. I am an extreme extrovert and I need this interaction to thrive and work to the best of my ability. I volunteer a lot and am even the President of my service club because I find genuine joy in helping others. While senior year is a bit nerve wracking, trying to apply to college and seeing my childhood come to an end, I'm most excited to just really take in my last year. I have heard from every previous senior that the year goes by so quickly you don't even realize it and I just need to let myself take it in. I'm excited to see where the last four years of hard work places me and where it places all my friends. I'm excited for wherever this year brings me because I know a lot is going to happen very quickly.

What activities are you involved in at school? outside of school?: I'm involved in many things at Plant, but my two priorities are I am Coverage Editor of Yearbook and President of Anchor Service Club. I love being involved in both of these activities because I love interacting with the people in them. Whether it be at a service club project or a yearbook event, I love to immerse myself into these environments because of the constant interaction with others. I am a junior ambassador for the Children's Cancer Center in which I help advertise for their events around my school. I spend time every month volunteering there and playing with the kids. The fact that I am able to help bring a smile to their faces during a very difficult time for them truly makes me happy.

How would your best friend describe you?: I believe my best friends would describe me as hardworking and compassionate. I am always trying to be one step ahead of the game and put my 100% effort into everything I do and my friends make fun of me for it. I'm constantly hearing from them "Sydney chill out" because I never stop going. I have a strong intrinsic motivation that keeps me always doing something and most of my friends don't understand how. Even though I am always focused on the future and how I can work to make it better, I also love to spend time with my friends and help them out. I'm always there for them to listen to their problems and give the best advice I can give and I've gotten compliments from them about how easy I am to talk to (which made me pretty happy). When it comes to my friends I always prioritize being there for them when they need me because I believe life would be pointless without these relationships to help you keep going.

Fav Color :): Blue


Isn't she just stunning? I'm booking 2017 Spring Seniors & 2017 Fall Rising Senior Portraits! Contact me or Sydney for more info :) 



Downtown Ybor Senior Session// Zena Davis

I want to introduce you to one of my ABKP Senior Spokesmodels. Zena and I had the best time exploring downtown Ybor. It fits her personality perfectly. She is fun, adventure, and beautiful inside and out. Get to know Zena better below :)

What high hchool do you attend?: HB Plant High School

What is your dream college?!: University of Virginia

Tell me about yourself: :) What are you passionate about? What are you most excited for about senior year?: Hey! I'm Zena! Born under the sun in Tampa, Fl, I was taught by my awesome God loving parents to appreciate the beauty of the world around me. Traveling and spending time with friends have got to be my favorite things, put me on a road trip with some cool people and candy and I'm bound to have a blast. At the moment any of my free time is used teaching myself how to play my pretty Taylor guitar, mastering using a Canon DSLR and working at a local Tampa boutique. I would say I'm passionate about the two most important things in life: Jesus and coffee... if you know me it's glaringly obvious. Nowadays you'll typically find me sitting at a coffee shop in Tampa, music plugged into my ears, and my next adventure on my mind. Senior year, I'm looking forward to making memories and trying new things. High school has definitely been an adventure and challenge. To be honest I can't wait to look back after senior year is done and see how God worked within me, my friends and my school. 

Describe your style: Cute but comfy

What activities are you involved in at school? outside of school?: Come fall I will be working part time at a Local boutique called The Write Stuff. In school, aside from classes, I will be First Priorities Club President.

How would your best friend describe you?: My best friend would describe me as adventurous, genuine, dependable, kind spirited and honest.

Fav Color :): Yellow

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