Downtown Ybor Senior Session// Zena Davis

I want to introduce you to one of my ABKP Senior Spokesmodels. Zena and I had the best time exploring downtown Ybor. It fits her personality perfectly. She is fun, adventure, and beautiful inside and out. Get to know Zena better below :)

What high hchool do you attend?: HB Plant High School

What is your dream college?!: University of Virginia

Tell me about yourself: :) What are you passionate about? What are you most excited for about senior year?: Hey! I'm Zena! Born under the sun in Tampa, Fl, I was taught by my awesome God loving parents to appreciate the beauty of the world around me. Traveling and spending time with friends have got to be my favorite things, put me on a road trip with some cool people and candy and I'm bound to have a blast. At the moment any of my free time is used teaching myself how to play my pretty Taylor guitar, mastering using a Canon DSLR and working at a local Tampa boutique. I would say I'm passionate about the two most important things in life: Jesus and coffee... if you know me it's glaringly obvious. Nowadays you'll typically find me sitting at a coffee shop in Tampa, music plugged into my ears, and my next adventure on my mind. Senior year, I'm looking forward to making memories and trying new things. High school has definitely been an adventure and challenge. To be honest I can't wait to look back after senior year is done and see how God worked within me, my friends and my school. 

Describe your style: Cute but comfy

What activities are you involved in at school? outside of school?: Come fall I will be working part time at a Local boutique called The Write Stuff. In school, aside from classes, I will be First Priorities Club President.

How would your best friend describe you?: My best friend would describe me as adventurous, genuine, dependable, kind spirited and honest.

Fav Color :): Yellow

Looking for an unforgettable senior photography experience? I would be honored to be a part of your senior year!! Contact me or Zena for more info!! 



The Lycett Wedding Previews

It was absolutely the most joyful day getting to celebrate the marriage of the sweetest, coolest couple. Morgan and Zach truly exemplify what it means to love each other as Christ loves us. Chase and I just adore them. Every detail was perfect. The gown, the flowers, the decor, I mean just wait till you see how fun the bridal party is! Here are just a few previews from their big day! I cannot WAIT to share more soon! 

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