Day 1 Murano and Burano, Venice Italy

Hey guys! I am so excited to finally be able to share images from our trip to Italy last month. It's crazy how personal images get pushed to the back, as your clients images obviously come first!! I've had so many people ask about our trip, and all I can say is it really was a trip of a lifetime. It was definitely more of an adventure, versus a relaxing, chill by the pool, kind of vacation, but we absolutely loved every jammed packed second. We spent 16 days exploring 6 different cities, and 2 countries including Venice, Florence, San Gimignano, Rome, Positano & the Amalfi Coast, as well as Paris. It was my first time to Europe and now I definitely have the travel bug even more. My photographer heart was in heaven because every single place you turned was picturesque. From the culture, to the history, to the people, you could see so much beauty in God's creation everywhere you went. 

So just to preface we backpacked through Italy with just a week's worth of outfits. I have truly never packed so light in my entire life, but I'm so thankful Chase and Rick Steves (who btw you will hear me talk about A LOT) encouraged me to do so. I wish I took a picture of all my ziplock bags filled with rolled up clothes that we some how managed to fit into small hiking backpacks.  We were on the go so much, that I can't even imagine what having a rollie suitcase would have been like. Especially through the airport security, where we just got to carry the bag on and not worry if it would meet us in Italy :) 

Here is us before take off with our backpacks ready to go!! 

Here is us before take off with our backpacks ready to go!! 

Our first leg of the trip was from Tampa to Toronto. Then from Toronto we flew straight into Venice, Italia! Once we got off the plane it was crazy just how clear that we were in another country and culture. We didn't know the language, currency, or culture at all, but that was totally part of the experience that made it so fun. Thankfully all the research I did using the Rick Steves book truly gave us so much confidence! We didn't sleep on the plane well, so the first day was like pulling an all nighter in college :) But we didn't care because we were just so stinkin excited we were finally there. I made an hour by hour itinerary, which sounds intense but it ended up being super helpful. Here is a snapshot of our first day! 

All the images below are taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii and 24-70 mm lens (the hardest part about packing light was determining which lens to bring). We also brought our GoPro Hero4 which was absolutely perfect for capturing selfies and underwater adventures. 

After finding our hotel and getting settled, we immediately took a vaporetto (which is basically a Venetian water taxi) to Murano which is famous for glass blowing and beautiful works of art and Burano which is famous for the crazy colorful houses and lace making. Looking back this ended up being so worth it to go see! Check out the pictures below! You will know when you see the colorful houses that you are in Burano :)

Aren't Murano and Burano so beautiful!? I seriously couldn't even put my camera down. Can't wait to show you Day 2 & 3 in Venice!! :)