Alabama: Light of the Village

This summer revolved around planning a mission trip to Pritchard, Alabama, which is one of the highest crime rate communities in America.  We took 120 students and volunteers with us to partner with Light of the Village Ministry. This urban ministry is truly INCREDIBLE. God is working so hard through it and His light is shining from every crevice. To say this was a large undertaking is an understatement. There were so many hours and tears put into making this trip a success. The main thing (and only reason for this trip) is it was all for Jesus. For a whole week our students served and volunteered by day and worshiped and built community in the evenings.  And let me tell you something: GOD SHOWED UP!! He is so faithful and so good. Even in the mist of so many things falling apart around me. This was the first trip that Chase and I had been away from each other. On the first morning, I got a call from Chase saying that his grandfather had passed away. I was seriously a hot mess of emotions. It was like God telling me that I  couldn’t control this week, but to let him take control.

Here is what I wrote down after the trip was over praising God for answered prayers:

How You Showed Up in Bama:

  •       Worship was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Your presence was there!

       Every meal was incredible and just what we needed

       You wrecked my plans and broke me

       You spoke to me asking me to take care of your daughters

       You gave me your strength

       You let me paint a mural and spoke to my heart

       You showed me that you are worthy of all credit and glory//breaking me of people’s approval


       Ministered to so many hearts

       Had an incredible team of adult leaders

       Allowed the death of chase’s grandfather to minister to so many people.

The coolest thing on the trip for me was seeing 15 students give their life to Christ. Knowing that the work you do for the Lord will never return void. His grace abounds in deepest waters. And He is a good, good Father.