Charleston, South Carolina// The Cordray Family

Meet my family (part 2)!! Over thanksgiving break I was able to make some images for both of my sister-in-laws and their ADORABLE families. I mean we might be biased but we have the cutest nephews and nieces in the world :) Meet Kenneth, Kristin, Trenham, Rhett, and Folwer (aren't those the coolest names ever?!) It has been a joy to watch how Kristin and Kenneth parent their kiddos while running their own business and it has been a huge blessing to learn from them! The part I wish y'all could have seen was Uncle Chase running in circles, jumping up and down, behind me to get everyone's attention. Kristin might be a little bit out numbered with the guy to girl ratio, but man it is so evident that they adore her! 

We love and miss you guys so much! 

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Love, Annabeth